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It have always been a common known fact that wearing white after labour day is an absolute no-go. Now however, the table have turned in fashion world, and not only are wearing white after labour day no longer frowned upon, it is encouraged. With this in mind I will introduce one of my current favourite trends, the white trench coat.

What is the white trench coat trend

There is not much to the white trench coat trend, since it really does just entail  wearing a white trench coat. However, I will say that although I am in this post featuring the trench coat, white jackets and coats in general are super in. Meaning that if you don’t see yourself as a trench coat wearing person, you can always get yourself a white denim jacket, bomber jacket, or classic coat.

Why have I chosen to embrace it

For starters, the trend is super easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, since it doesn’t require anything special from you. Further, the trend is a great addition to any wardrobe since a crisp white jacket will elevate your outfit a 100% and emit so much style and elegance.

It is also nice to get a break from all the grey, black and navy which tends to make its way into my wardrobe during the fall and winter months.

How to wear it

White is a very neutral colour, and can be worn with pretty much every colour or pattern without looking forced or mismatched. It is therefore also a super easy trend to prosecute right.

Generally trench coats tends to go better with pants, as wearing a dress or skirt with a trench coat often can create some weird and unflattering lines on your body. Since the trench coat is a loose fitting piece, it allows for some tighter items underneath.

Be aware that a crips white item may be super stylish, but a white’ish item is NOT. So make sure that your coat are always clean when you leave your home in the morning, and if you know that you are a clumsy person who cannot make a whole day without spilling on yourself, this trend might not be for you.

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