What’s in: Mini backpack (With curtesy of Kylie Jenner)

kylie jenner mini backpack

Top row from left: Fendi – Stella McCartney – Chanel – Louis Vuitton.

Button row: Stella McCartney – Stella McCartney – Balenciaga.

Kylie Jenner have pretty much single handily managed to make the mini backpack one of the most fashionable items of not only the season but of the year, with even more to come. Mini backpacks is not only on the top of the fashion food chain, but also really practical and easy to keep clean and nice looking. Of course the backpacks Kylie Jenner have in her wardrobe is not really in the cheap end, but you can get tons of nice and affordable mini backpack also.

mini backpackMCM mini backpack

mini backpackRebecca Minkoff mini julian leather backpack

mini backpackTopshop leather backpack

mini backpackSugarbaby mini backpack

mini backpackRag & Bone mini pilot backpack

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