Okay… So I will admit that I am not quite sure how likely it is that I will ever try this trend out myself, but since it definitely is one of the newer fashion go-to’s of a lot of style icons, I do think the trend is worth mentioning, and you never know, I might just decide to try it out some day.

The tendency of wearing your bra on top of your blouse or shirt, is not one of those “and-then-it-just-happened” trends. Instead the trend have been super slow, yet always increasing, and recently been to see more and more. I cannot say that I immediately jumped on the idea of doing this myself, however, I have after a long time of uncertainty, started to see how this trend is worth keeping an eye out for, and I must admit that I have seen several people who really do manage to pull it off.

Here underneath you can find a few examples of how you could style an outfit wearing you bra on the top. All of these outfits are inspired by fashion icons and bloggers, who have previously been seen wearing their bra on top, and whom I think did a really good job with it.trend to try; bra on top | byolina.dkHere // Here // Here

trend to try; bra on topHere // Here // Here

4 other trends to watch out for is the shearling coat, fishnet stockings, olive green and metallics.


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