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It’s been quite a while since I last did a Trend to Try post, but just because I the past two months have been way too lazy to blog more than once a week it certainly doesn’t mean that new trends haven’t been coming and going. I have A LOT of trends to catch up with blogging wise, but to start with I am going to introduce you all the my current favourite trend; the circle bag.

What is the circle bag trend?

As you might have guessed, the circle bag trend simply entails getting yourself a circle shaped bag, making it probably the most simple and easy trend the fashionworld have given us in a loooong time.

Why I have chosen to embrace it

I personally really like the trend because it is so insanely chic and stylish, and although those more cool and rock-on trends can be great, I am a complete sucker for the more stylish tendencies. I also quite like how minimalistic the bags are. Of course the circle bag trend does cover all circle bags, and I’m sure you can find a circle bag out there which is multicoloured and covered in tassels, but general I do think that the designers tend to keep these bags very simple, as you can also see here below.

circle bag Diane Von Furstenberg || BAGGU || Mansure Gavriel || Diane Von Furstenberg

How to wear it

Because the circle bag in itself is such a stylish item it invites for some more casual and laidback outfits. At the top of this post you can see that most of the fashion girls who have embraced the circle bag have done it while wearing mom jeans and casual tee’s. You can here below also see how I would style the circle bag, and although the middle outfit featuring a mini circle bag by Phillip Lim might be a little formal, the two other outfits are both quite casual and laid back.

circle bagNica Giani || 3.1 Phillip Lim || Azalea

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