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Spring is all around and this can definitely be seen from the colours in the current fashion gigants wardrobes. More specifically does pink seem to be one of the most beloved colours of the season. With pink being one of the most trendy colours at the moment, it of course are also everywhere in stores, and I cannot help falling in love with pretty much every single pink item i see.

Pink have been in for some time now, but have really been able to flourish with the change of season and warmer weather. I especially really like the many pink shoe and purse options that the different stores have begun to offer.

Here below I have styled a couple of pink outfits that could all be used during the warmer months that we are now entering. I am personally really into the pink high-top adidas sneakers in the second outfit, which I can definitely imaging ordering for myself somewhere in the coming days.

trend to try; pinkOutfit 1; skirt and sneakers // Outfit 2; scrunchie, hoodie and sneakers // Outfit 3; pursesweater and sandals.

How to wear it;

When wearing pink it is best to stray away from dark colours such as army green or navy blue. Instead it goes really great with white, red and denim. Pink is strong and obvious, yet at the same time a quite subtle colour and can be used both as a one item statement kind of thing, like for example wearing a pair of pink shoes with an all black outfit, or you can wear it paired with several other pink items, same or different nuances.

Here below I have collected a few other super cute pink items. trend pinkSandals // Wrap dress // Off-shoulder dress // Checked skirt // Suede skirt // Shorts

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