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Currently, one of my favourite trends is furry shoes or fur covered shoes. To those of you who are confused, these two things are the exact same trend, but does for some reason have two different names.

Who began the trend?

While fur generally have always been super in, putting it on shoes is something that quite is exclusive to 2016-2017.

The trend first began when Gucci started selling their famous male loafers for women in a little more fury edition, (you can see the furry Gucci loafers amongst the pictures above), but other brands have later let themselves be inspired by Gucci, and we can today find all sorts of crazy footwear with fury details. Be it sandals, slippers, heels or even sneakers.

Two brands which were definitely front runners in the fabulous trend are Givenchy and Fendi. Although, I do feel like the Kardashian sisters also need a special shoutout for embracing the creative footwear and making it be the worldwide trend it is today.

Where should I look for the trend?

Of course it is not only people who can afford brans such as Gucci, Givenchy and Fendi who can wear this trend. As with any other major trend, the majority of all the worlds high street stores have been quick to jump onboard with it, offering us tons os super cute, furry and most importantly, affordable options.

I personally prefer Zara’s options when it comes to fur covered shoes, firstly, because they manage to prosecute the designs in a very stylish manner, and secondly, because the faux fur they use doesn’t look as cheap as it sometimes will in other high street stores.

Do’s and Don’ts when buying furry shoes

If you are on the look out for a pair of cute and furry shoes, I would recommend making sure the design of the shoe is very light, as the fur will often make the shoe it seem quite heavy.

Below you will find some of my favourite options, and as you can see two of the options are open shoes, which will show a lot of skin. This then helps to make the shoes seem lighter. The middle option, a sneaker from Zara, is not open, but still would be a good choice because the white makes it appear light, just like we can see it with the skin-showing options.

Just because furry shoes are a trend, it doesn’t mean that all furry shoes are worth the money. As mentioned I would make sure to stay away from heavier models and designs such as for example boots. Furry boots in 2017 is a complete no-go!

furry shoesZara // Zara // Lulu

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