fishnet stockings

In the 80’s and 90’s fishnet stockings were big, but since then they have pretty much been reserved to the punk community and slutty halloween costumes. However now fishnet stocking is back as a major trend, not only for punk and sexy outfits, but also for stylish, high fashion and even work appropriate outfits.

I have for a long time been really into the whole fishnet stocking trend, but have had a really hard time figuring out how to style them in a not-too-slutty manner. Now after having turned both Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram and pretty much every online fashion magazine up-side-down, I feel like I have finally managed to get somewhat of an idea as to how to style the fishnet stockings.

Since fishnet stockings are a trend which have completely exploded in the last couple of months, pretty much every store have started to cary them, both high end and high street. For better quality it might be a good idea to buy them in an actual lingerie store, although I for example bought mine in a costume store for no more than $6, and they have turned out to be in a really good quality. H&M also carries some really cute fishnet ankle socks to not that much money.

Here down below you see a few of my ideas as how to style the fishnet trend.

byolina.dkHere // Here // Here // Here

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