Trend to Try; Embroidered Jeans

I love embroidered jeans and always have, so when I started to see them slowly pop up here and there I of course couldn’t help but hope for them to become the next big trend, and what do you know, they did. The trend was definitely brought to life by Gucci’s fall collection, and who wouldn’t also love the jeans that Alessandro Michelle showed off on the runway. There is no doubt  that Alessandro have done serious wonders for Gucci, something that I have talked about before in my post “The 4 greatest fashion moments of 2015“, but if he hadn’t already made me fall completely in love with him, promoting the embroidered jeans from being a slight tendency to becoming a trend completely stole my heart.

Of course Gucci isn’t the only brand to promote this trend, and you can find some both Gucci and other embroidered jeans options down below.

Trend to Try; Embroidered jeans-2Here // Here // Here

trend-to-try-embroidered-jeansTopshop // See You Never // Aries // Zara // Noisy May

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