animal print outfit

Almost two years ago animal print were a huge trend for a whole summer, and now after a miner break away from the fashion radar it is back again. Animal print is without doubt one of the most polarising trends at the moment, and specially leopard can be found in both highfashion and highstreet stores, as well as out couture runways and street style pictures.

Although leopard print have stolen the show quite a few times, other animal print is also very welcome, and as you can see below both snake print and zebra have also been spotted quite a lot.

Contrary to many other trends lately, animal print is quite easy to incorporate in you own day to day wardrobe and can be both subtle, by for example incorporating an animal print belt or shoes, or you can let the print completely steal the show by wearing it as for example a coat or a dress.

How to wear it

The best way to style animal print is to keep the rest of the outfit simple, both in cut and design, but also in colour. Instead of going all out on the outfit, keep the detailing and colours neutral and let the print really stand out.

animal print outfitZebra print tote and slippers // Leopard print belt + heels // Snake print boots


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