Trend to Try; All White Outfit

White is definitely not the most practical colour to wear. You have to be super careful not to get any stains, and if you get just a slightly bit wet, or you standing in the wrong lighting, the outfit will appear see-trough. Yet it is summer which is the time to cut the dark tones out of your wardrobe and trie new trends. Going with an all white outfit is daring, but if done right (and without too many small accidents at the dinner table), it’s an easy way to look super elegant and cool. Above you see a few head-to-toe white outfits that I think nailed the trend.

Trend to Try; White on WhiteSet 1; Skirt // Watch // Purse // Heels Set 2; Blazer // Top // Pants // Sunglasses // Watch // Purse // Sneakers  Set 3; Blouse // Sunglasses // Jeans // Purse

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