Everybody knows the stress of traveling, and god knows that right before you have to leave for somewhere new, is not the time you want to be stressing out about stuff that is REALLY not that stress worthy.

he struggle just is that very often this unwanted stress makes you forget something you would much rather remember.

To make sure I don’t forget anything important I usually make a “To Pack” list for myself, and I can then cross things my list as I go along. In this way I ensure that I don’t get to the airport just to discover that I have forgotten my passport or something.


At the top fo the post you can see my usual list that I use to tick of the essentials. The wallet is obviously the most important one since it carries all your important documents, not to forget your credit cards and all your money. I personally like to bring some cash both current to wherever I’m going, and to my home country, in this way I am prepared in case of an emergency.

My three personal carry on essentials is firstly and most importantly  my headphones, which are complete lifesavers both on the plane and on my way to and from it. When flying I personally prefer the kind of headphones that goes on top my ears since they cancel out the sound of the airplane engine, and let you hear the music much better than the regular small earbuds.

Essentials number two is a big scarf. I pretty much always bring a huge as scarf with me on vacation, regardless of the weather where I am going. The extensive amount of air-condition on airplanes very often means that I end up freezing on the plane, even if I am going somewhere really warm. A huge scarf can be used as a blanket to keep me warm during the flight, as a pillow to sleep up against, and of course as a fierce fashion statement.
My last essentials is, surprise…. A book. I usually don’t go anywhere, and especially not abroad, without some good reading material for the rode as well as the few boring moments that might present themselves throughout the vacation. At the top of my current “To Read” list is the classics, The Help – Kathryn Stockett and The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown.
On top of my three carry on essentials I also always bring a couple of toiletries including a deodorant, a lipgloss and whatever else I might find useful such as a concealer and a mascara. I usually also brings some Kleenex or wet wipes.
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