New York Fashion Week is coming to an end, which means that the huge stream of incredible street style pictures are also coming to an end. One item that have been to see in close to all of the pictures, are the hoodie. The hoodie might be formerly known as something you wear at home chilling on the couch, or are on the way to the gym, but now it have officially made its way into high end fashion.

The hoodie were not only to be seen on every fashion it-girl, but also paired with every possible fashion item, ranging everywhere from an oversized bomber jacket, to a fake fur, to a classic black coat.

NYFW must have

Here below I have styled a couple of hoodie including outfits, all inspired by the New York Fashion Week street style outfits.  NYFW inspired outfits

NYFW must have

Although New York usually do get the honour for all big trends, it is not just New York that knows what to wear and when to wear it. The two pictures below are from Stockholm Fashion Week. I am specially really into the look on the right where the girl have paired a grey oversized hoodie, with an almost neon pink faux fur vest. The thick black belt is also a cute touch.

fashion week must have

Say what you might, but when it comes to hoodies, well most kinds of sweaters really, the ones in the male department are just so much more both cooler and comfier. Below I have collected a couple of dreamy hoodies in all sorts of colours. One of the plus sides to shopping in the male department is also that everything automatically becomes oversized, which in my opinion is almost never a bad thing.

NYFW must have1. Redefined Rebel // 2. ASOS // 3. Puma // 4. Redefined Rebel // 5. Nike Jordan // 6. Redefined Rebel // 7. ASOS // 8 ASOS // 9. Reclaimed Vintage // 10. Carhartt // 11. Dickies

Another New York Fashion Week trend to look out for: The statement jacket


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