Bring a portable charger 

This one is literally a lifesaver. You have no idea how extremely frustrating is to be somewhere in the middle of a huge field of random and very drunk people with a dead phone and no idea of where your friends are. Besides, those “charge stations” where you can put your phone to charge always have the longest lines. Haven ones forgotten to bring one of these myself, I cannot exaggerate enough how thankful you will be for bringing one.

You can find some semi-cheap portable charger options here, here and here.

Stay hydrated 

Usually music festivals are placed during the warm summer months which is generally great, but it does have it’s down side being the inevitable dehydration. When you are walking around the whole day, going from concert to concert and being on a non-stop high from all the fun you are having, it’s easy to forget to drink water. So here is a friendly reminder to ALWAYS remember to drink enough water. Festivals are great for eating too much fast-food and drinking too much beer, but it is important to also take care of yourself.

Have a meet up spot

Chances are that you aren’t going to the festival alone, and regardless of whether you are going with one or ten friends it’s a good idea to have an appointed meet up spot. It’s super easy to get away from each other during concerts with other people pushing to get in front, and yourself and all your friends dancing of in weird directions. It is also not always easy to hear your phones ringing with the noise from all the concerts and other people, so having a meet up spot is definitely worth it.

surviving music festivals

Know you limits 

As mentioned in the “stay hydrated” point it is important to take care of yourself whenever you go to festivals. A big part of taking care of yourself is knowing your limits. This both goes for how much sleep you are getting, how much you will be jumping around, and how much you are drinking. This might seem like a stupid thing to point out, but as someone who have literally seen people pass out during concerts, please do take care of yourself, and also don’t pass out at concerts.

The smaller the better (concert wise)

So this might seem irrational but the concerts on the bigger stages at the music festivals usually are not the best ones. They might be the most famous ones, and they might also be the ones where you know the lyrics to too their songs, but trust me, it’s the little unknown bands which are really worth watching. For a little band, being allowed to perform at a music festivals, specially the bigger ones, it is a total “make it or break it” moment and they therefore tend to give 110% at their concerts, where the bigger stars often doesn’t really seem to enthusiastic to be there. There also tend to be less people in the audience at the smaller concerts, meaning less pushing and more dancing.

Be hygienic 

Again this might go hand in hand with the “take care of yourself” message, but there is literally nowhere dirtier than a music festival running on its third+ day. There might also not be a whole lot of wash-up places available or in close proximity depending on which festival you are at. Staying hygienic of course entails different things, but I personally find it a complete must-have to always bring a hand get with me around the festival.

You can find some hand gels here and here.

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