Summer is finally here, and so is the opportunity to do all of those things that cannot be done during the winter. Because, lets face it, most of us student are pretty broke like 95% of the time, I have here collected 11 things to do when you are having a summer on a budget.

Go for a bike ride

It’s always nice with a chill bike ride in the good weather, so why not do exactly this and jump on your bike and go for a ride in the forrest, or drive by your favourite ice-cream parlour.

Explore somewhere new 

Even if you have lived in the same place your entire life, chances are that there is probably some part of the city you haven’t ever really paid attention to. If this is isn’t the case you can always take the train to the next city over and explore there, and while doing this why not grab a friend under the arm and drag them with you?

summer on a budget

Have a picnic 

Nothing better than going for picnic outside when the weather is good. Pack a bag with your favourite meals, fruit and candy, and eat out under the sun.

Shop for fruit and flowers

Summer is without a doubt the best season for fruits and flowers. With the stores carrying tons of delicious berries, melons and other fruits, together with a multitude of beautiful flowers, you should definitely take advantage of this before the summer ends and the stores go back to only carrying boring all-year around vegetables.

Organise your closet 

Spring cleaning is a very common thing, but if you, like me, tend to be wayyyy to busy with exams, work and other stuff during spring to get anything done you can always spent some time getting your closet organised during summer. Find a guide to cleaning out your closet here.

Go running 

There is just something about the sun shinning outside your window that makes it a little easier to go out for a run, or do any other kind of excise for that matter. I like to think that this is due to the warmer weather and brighter sun, but to be completely honest it might also be partly caused by the the thought of the perfect bikini body.

Go for a walk somewhere pretty

Call up a friend and drag them out with you for a walk somewhere pretty, be it a forrest, park or the beach.

summer on a budget

Get a stand at flea market 

With the weather at its best why not grab a couple of friends and get a stand at a flea market. That way you get to spend the whole day outside with friends while earring some extra cash AND getting rid of all the things you have laying around at home but never use.

Read outside 

Pack up a blanket, a good book and go down to the park or beach and get some reading done. If you get a little tan while doing this, well… that’s just an extra plus.

Go to a concert 

Summers are a great time for koncerts. Good music, fun people and cold beers always seems to be just the think during the warm summer days.

Go swimming

This is probably something most people are planning to do anyway, but because this is such a mandatory summer activity it of course needed to be on the list.

summer on a budget


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