All year long mens items made for women have been huge. This trend have more than anything become obvious with the insane success of the mens loafers that especially Gucci have become the true ruler of. But besides the loafers, the mens suit have also become quite popular on the fashion scene.

The mens suit is without a doubt one of the most polarising trends of the season, and have been worn by pretty much every big fashionista all over the world. The suit trend have together with the off-shoulder items, the hoodie, and the detailed sleeve, definitely taken over the current it-girls wardrobes.

The trend really covers everything that involves a matching jacket and bottoms, no matter if we are talking denim on denim, a full out velvet attire, or the more classic tailored suit. Even the pyjama inspired set technically belongs with the suit trend.

It is no secret that I have personally fallen completely head over heels for the suit trend. The trend is easy to incorporate into your own wardrobe, and many people will probably already have something in their closet that can be used. Contrary to trends such as for example the “bra on top” or fishnets, the suit trend is appropriate for work, school, and literally every and any other occasion.

How to wear it

As mentioned above there aren’t really any specific guidelines for this trend besides wearing a jacket and bottoms that are matching. However, a good tip is to choose a simple pattern or colour, keep the blouse you wear underneath the shirt in a natural colour, preferable white, grey, black or nude, and lastly it also creates a more chic look if not more than one of the worn items are tight. This means that if the bottom of the suit is tight, wear a loose fitting jacket, and if the jacket is either cropped or tight,  make sure the bottom part is loose fitted.

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