Wearing make-up when working out

For many of us wearing make-up while working out is simply a small everyday thing you do, however it is a little thing that can be something close to a disaster for your skin. Cleaning your face before jumping on the treadmill will be a wonderful gift to give your skin this spring.

Using 10 million different facial products

With constant advertisement everywhere on millions of different skincare products all promising to do wonders for your skin, it is easy to fall in the trap of buying them all, and then using all of them at once, yet this is definitely not the best thing you can do for you skin. Instead stick to one or two products, and if need be at least keep to the same serious of products.

Never cleaning you brushes

I for once used to be so bad at doing this, in fact I am pretty sure I once went six months without cleaning my make-up brushes. However most dermatologist will advise you to clean them several times a month, and at least every second week.

Picking at spots

I do this wayyy too much, and in spite of a big effort on my site, I honestly have no idea if I will ever be able to stop. But if anyone else actually possesses the self-control congratulations to you.

Not washing your pillowcases

This actually came as kind of a surprise to me, I don’t quite know why, since now that I know it seems so obvious. Since your pillowcase is where your face is for several hours every night, they should also be handled with a little more care than the rest of your bedding. The advice goes on washing you pillowcases more often than you do the rest of your bedding, and if possible also using natural products when doing the washing.

Not realising that your hair is in a lot of contact with your face

While it is important to take care of your hair, many of the products you will use to do so are not too good for your skin, and surprise surprise, your hair quite often comes into contact with your face. It is hard to know what hair products are and aren’t good for your skin, but a good start is to keep away from products containing silicones and plasticisers. If you suffer from bad skin or a in doubt as to whether or not your hair products are bad for your skin, it can be a good idea to keep your hair up in a high ponytail for a week or two and see if this helps.

Not drinking enough water

This one probably seems quite obvious, but it is super important, not only for your health, but also for your skin to make sure you drink enough water. At least 2 litters a day.

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