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Summer vacation is coming to an end, which in my world means wallowing in self-pity that I have to go back to school and shopping for cute back-to-school items. I recently found this super cute purple mini dress at Rosegal, which maybe is not too school appropriate, but hey, you can never have to many fancier dresses can you?

Although I quite like the purple mini dress I did click onto Rosegal in the first place to look though their “Deals Zone” to see if I could find something cute on sale, since my bank account is currently really suffering from my trip to Paris and week in the Danish countryside.

Here below I have made up a wishlist filled with pieces from Resegal’s “Deals Zone” that are all perfect back-to-school items. Or most of them are anyway, the red front slit dress is probably more prom appropriate, but I guess we all need one of those dresses too right?

reseal wishlist1: here // 2: here // 3: here // 4: here // 5: here // 6: here // 7: here // 8: here // 9: here // 10: here // 11: here

I specially like number #1, the striped romper and number #5 the high waisted orange shorts since they are both very versatile and could easily be both dressed up and used as formal wear, and dressed down to a more everyday kinda look.

I also really like the green front tie dress (number #9). The front tie detail is super in at the moment and the dress just have a very stylish and current feel to it. Number #11 might not be as stylish as some of the other items, but it just seemed so super comfy that I couldn’t leave it off the list. And honestly when first we reach those dark winter months, who even cares about style anyway? On those cold days the only thing I wanna do is cuddle up in a big knitted sweater and sip my coffee until the day is over.

Besides the items on my little back-to-school wishlist I also quite like this retro vibe red beach dress, even though the weather in Denmark have already shifted to fall-mode and buying beach dresses might not be the best decision.

If you are not into the pieces that I have on my wishlist you can also go in and take a look for yourself, while they are still running their Summer Sales with 33% off. As a little extra I have been allowed to give an additional 10% off if you use the code RGEN.


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