How to look high-end on a budget

Nobody wants to look cheap, but with a student budget it can be difficult to afford clothes and accessories which is anything but exactly that. Luckily though, there is certain fashionista habits that will instantly make your outfits look so much more high end. Moreover, there are certain little things that can make an outfit appear cheap, which are very easy to avoid wearing or doing. See what to do, and what to avoid doing in order to look high end, in this post.

Trend to try: Fur covered shoes

Currently, one of my favourite trends is fur covered shoes, and in this post I break down who began it, where you should look for it, and the do’s and don’ts of buying furry shoe.

The biggest interior trends of the summer

I often write blog posts on the newest and biggest trends in the fashion industry, but after doing a posts on “3 things you will find in any stylish home” which became very popular I figured that it might be fun to try to write a post the biggest interior trends of the summer. So in this post you can check out what the trend are, why you need to include these specific trends in your home, and how to porsecute it in the best and most stylish manner.

interior trends4 types of clothes that make you appear taller

Today one of the most commonly accepted beauty norms is being tall. Yet, we aren’t all born 6 feet tall and able to emulate girls such as Kendall, Bella and Naomi. Lucky there are ways to create the illusion of being taller than you really are. I have in this post collected 4 types of clothes which will help you appear taller.

7 things people post on Instagram that annoys me

With instagram being the fastest growing social media at the moment, it is also a media where you tend to stumble upon some seriously weird things. I have in this post collected 7 things people post on Instagram that I find super annoying

6 ways to emit a high level of confidence

Today it might seem easy to hide behind a screen at all costs, however there are so many instances where you need to be, or at least be able to make it seem like you are, confident. Whether it is a university or job interview, attending a new society for the first time, or simply being at a party where you don’t really know anybody, emitting confidence is key. In this post I have here collected 6 easy ways to seem and be more confident in yourself.

confidence gif

5 things to keep in mind when packing to go abroad

Traveling can be super stressful, but there are actually a few things you can do when you are packing that ultimately will make your actual travel experiences so much better and less stressful. In this post I have collected 5 little tips and tricks that will make your travel time less worrisome.

How to bond with your roomie when you have nothing in common

Getting a roomie can be super tricky, especially if it’s not just a “share an apartment”-roomie, but an actual room-roomie. Often, you won’t get to choose your own roomie, and this does leave the option of getting a roomie who are the complete opposite of you. This is what happened to me, my roomie and I had absolutely nothing in common, yet I ended up being closer with her than anyone else at the school, and I had an overall amazing experience living with her.

Of course, it did take some bonding for us to become really close, and in this post you can find 7 things we did together to make this happen.

6 tips to surviving music festivals

Music festivals are incredibly fun, but they can also be super messy and difficult to navigate around. In this post I have collected my 6 best tips to surviving music festivals.

fashion week must haveThe biggest New York Fashion Week must have

During the New York Fashion Week 2017 I of course kept up with the huge stream of incredible street style pictures. One item that I saw in close to all of the pictures, were the hoodie. The hoodie might be formerly known as something you wear at home chilling on the couch, or are on the way to the gym, but now it have officially made its way into high end fashion. In this post you can see how the biggest it-girls styled the hoodie dyring NYFW, and where to get your own.

11 things to do in the summer on a budget

Everybody wants to spend their summer doing all of those things that cannot be done during the winter months, but lets face it, most of us student are pretty broke like 95% of the time. Because of this I decided to write a post with 11 things to do during the summer, when your budget is pretty much equal zero.

Exam-prep: scientifically proven study tips

For most students (including myself) exams are approaching fast, meaning that we are all currently studying our butts off. I don’t like to admit it, but in stressed times I am definitely a sucker for “the easy way out” and I have therefore also spent an insane amount of time reading about ways to improve my studying techniques. In this post I have collected 8 science-backed study tips I personally have found really helpfull.

Summer outfit

3 thins all stylish people have  in their home

No matter whether you get your decor inspiration from blogs, websites or television programs, there will almost always be a feature of a perfectly styled dream home, and there are 3 things that always seems to appear in these stylish homes. In this post I break down these 3 items for you.

How to clean your make-up brushes

I previously wrote a post on tips to save your skin, and one of these tips was the importance of cleaning your make-up brushes. As most dermatologist will recommend you to wash your make up brushes about every second week I figured that it would be beneficial to all of my readers to sum up the “right” technique to clean your make-up brushes in just three easy steps.

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