If you are just half as addicted to Instagram as I am, you know the struggle of taking a good (or just okay) Insta-moment. Of course, Insta-moments can be anything and everything that you might find fascinating or visually pleasing, but because “anything and everything” is a quite a lot to cover in just one blog-post, I have today chosen to focus on ootd’s, and the best places to use as backgrounds of your ootd’s.


insta ootd

The first on this list, and probably also the most obvious one, is a basic wall. A plain wall will always work as a good background for an Insta ootd, and specially a neutral-coloured wall is great as a go-to in a moment of desperation.

As you can see in the picture above, I tend to go for completely grey or white walls. I personally also think that raw or broken walls can give a super edgy vibe to your ootd’s.

If I have enough time though, I like to see if I can find a metal or a stone wall. I specially love stone walls if I’m photographing a more colourful outfit.


door ootd

The second thing on this list is doors. No matter where you find yourself, chances are that there will be a door close by, and if said door is just mildly old, fancy, or does in any way have a cool design, it will make for an okay background if you are just a little bit desperate.

Also remember that big gates belongs under this category too, and will often look super cool as well.

Cool Architecture

insta ootd

I am personally a big fan of taking my ootd’s in front of modern architecture. Living in Copenhagen, I am definitely surrounded by an excess of old buildings, so when I do stumble upon a building that is a little more edgy (and preferably also grey, white or metal) I of course need to exploit this by using it as a background for my newest ootd.

Views of Water

copenhagen ootd

Views of water might be a little kliche, but it seems to just always work.

It doesn’t matter if it is just a little bit of water, as in the picture above, or full out ocean pictures such as this or this one. Having water in your Insta-moments is simply beautiful and will generally bring a little something extra something to your ootd.

Coffee Shops

coffeeshop ootd

While having a cool background might be just the thing for a simplistic and blogger-like ootd, I personally also really like using coffeeshops as a my own private Insta-moment location. The comfy setting of a coffeeshop is perfect for a less forced ootd, and I myself always find it so cute when other bloggers and Instagramers post pictures from coffeeshops.

Of course restaurants or cafes are also great places for some cute Insta-moments.


ootd stairs

I love, love, love staircases as a location for Insta-moments and ootd’s. It doesn’t matter if it’s a more industrial staircase as the one above, the staircase of an beautiful old building, or simply a random staircase.

Staircases are also great for making your legs look miles long, and it is a nice break from the basic go-to’s such as walls.


museum ootd

Museums are always great for a nice Insta ootd. Firstly, because the major parts of museums are located in beautiful buildings with great architecture.If the art is cool you can always pose in front of this, and as an extra bonus it is always nice to bring a little extra culture to your Insta-feed.

Old Buildings

insta ootd

Old buildings are super beautiful, which is also why they are such a go-to for so many bloggers and Instagramers worldwide, when they are in the need of a cool ootd.

Most cities do contain some beautiful old buildings, and if you’re in a new city and don’t know where to look for this, a good place to start is with the most famous museum or their courthouse as these will often be kept in older buildings.

Old buildings often has a lot of good spots inside them too, such as pillars, statue-like cutouts and stonewalls.


insta ootd

Nature, of course, also needed a spot on this list. Be it a wild forrest, a private garden or heavily maintained park in the middle of the city, nature tends to always make people happy, and usually always makes for a good Insta-moment with a super cute vibe to it.

Industrial Areas

insta ootd

As I generally try to maintain a somewhat similar and neutral colour scheme on my Insta-feed I am a major fan of industrial areas as location for Insta-moments. I love all the metal and raw walls you can find in industrial areas, and I think that the industrial surroundings give a super cool vibe to the pictures.


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