Jeans – Lee // Bag – Chanel // Sweater – H&M // Shirt – Zara // Sneakers – Adidas // Scarf – Zara // Fishnet stockings – bought at a costume store

It’s now ten days since I retuned home from Paris, and god do I miss it. Earlier today I found these pictures that I took at Monnaie de Paris my first day there. I’m not sure you can really call this an outfit post since the quality is shit, and it is taken by myself, but I am really digging this outfit, and thought it was worth a share.

I am wearing fishnet stocking, a trend I am totally into, yet haven’t been able to try because of the super bad weather, but then I got the idea of cutting some holes in an old pair of black skinny jeans, and wear them underneath. In my opinion a super cool and and more understated way to way fishnets. Also this way you what die from frostbites.

From the waist and up I am wearing an off shoulder sweater over a classic white shirt, again a combo that I have really been digging lately. When it comes to shoes I am wearing sneakers, because wearing anything but flat and comfortable shoes when visiting a big city is just plain torture.

Monnaie de Paris of course was not the only museum i visited and you can find my full guide to what Paris museums to visit hereand one of my other Paris outfits here.


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