vintage kimono outfit  vintage kimono outfit

If you have been keeping up with the blog for a longer time, you will know that I have quite a love for kimonos. This time however, I have not just found the perfect kimono, I have found the perfect vintage kimono, meaning that it is not only super cute and literally the most comfy clothing I have ever owned, but it is also one of a kind.

Although, I, in both of my outfit posts featuring a kimono have been wearing it as a dress, it of course doesn’t mean that this is the only way to wear it. I myself am also a big fan of using the kimono in a more cardigan’ish manner on top of a pair of denim shorts or jeans and a basic tee, or as a coverup when I go to the beach.

Below I have found five kimonos that might not be vintage, but which are super cute and definitely gaze worthy.

kimonoMilk It // ASOS // Y.A.S // Pitusa // ASOS

I especially think that the kimono furthest to the right from ASOS would be perfect worn on top of a pair of black skinny jeans and a basic tee. Meanwhile, the kimonos from Milk It and Y.A.S would both be ideal as a cute coverup for the beach, or over a pair of shorts or a summer dress.

 vintage kimono outfit  vintage kimono outfit  vintage kimono outfit


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