Lace up skirt

Post done in collaboration with Rosegal

Lace up skirt Lace up skirt

I recently received this super cute skirt from the site Rosegal and I absolutely love it. The skirt is quite simple, but are made interesting with the cute silver hoops lace-up detail in the left side. The skirt is very small in its size, so I would recommend ordering it in a size bigger than you usually would. I would normally wear medium in skirts, but this one is actually a large (although you might not be able to see it on the length, haha).

Since the skirt is a bit on the sexy side, I have chosen to pair it with a basic white tee and a pair of casual Adidas sneaks. Later in the day the weather changed, and I threw on a light blue cashmere sweater, and tucked it into the left side so the detailing of the skirt could still be seen.

The skirt you can find here. The sneakers are from Adidas, the t-shirt is from Zara’s basic collection, and the sweater is from ClubCollection.

If you are not too into the skirt, there are also tons of other cute things to find at Rosegal. I amongst others also found a very cute blue dress the other day.

Lace up skirt

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