I have always loved watches as an accessory. They are super fashionable, and have a way of emitting so much class and style. I have, however, myself never been a big fan of wearing watches since I find them too heavy and clumsy to wear on my wrist all day.

I got the prettiest watch from March by March Jacobs several years back, and I think I might have worn it 8 times in total. But, now I am giving it a second try with this watch from Dresslily, and I have to say that so far I am really digging it.

I have always thought of watches as nothing but an accessory with the time of day always being available on both my phone and computer, but then during my last exam round I was placed in a spot in the exam room where I couldn’t see the watch. This made me super stressed, and I promised myself that, as soon as the exam was over, I would buy myself a watch.

Now several months later, I finally got around to get one, and I gotta say that I love it! Purely visually I love the old school vibe of the pleather, and the little extra that your outfit seems to get from wearing a watch, but furthermore I am actually really getting into the whole; looking at my wrist to see tell the time thing.

old school watch

I have to admit that I did use quite a bit of time to figure out how to get the watch to start working when I first got it since all the watches I have ever owned were purely decorative and actually haven’t run a day in their life, but I did it and now I can walk around and feel all kinds of vintage-classy with my new watch.

Since I wasn’t actually sure whether or not I would like to wear a watch, and I felt that it would be stupid to use a lot of money on something I would only wear once, I found a super cheap one.

Dresslily has so many cheap and cute watches, and I am so happy with mine. You can find my watch here, and two other watches that I highly considered getting as well (also from Dresslily) here and here.

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