This tip also goes for just concerts in general, but one of the most important things to bring to any music festival, is a mini bag. I prefer bumbags because they are close you your body. Having it close to your body makes it more difficult for people to steal from you, but it also makes it easy to dance around with, something which is kind of an important thing when you go to concerts.

I have here collected a few bumbags which could potentially be great to bring to a festival. You can of course get bumbags in all different kinds of sizes and you must figure out what you prefer. If you are planning on only bringing your phone, a pack of gum and a hand gel around with you, you might be okay with just bringing a small one, however, I usually prefer a bigger size.

The one I tend to bring with me is the same size as the New Balance and the New Look bag you can see below, and it is a size that I can definitely recommend. I can also tell you that my preferred size can fit either two small beer cans + a pair of shades, gum, your phone and a wallet, or a water bottle and a chocolate bar + shades, gum, your phone and a wallet. Pretty neat right?

festival must havesASOS Lifestyle // New Balance // New Look // Spiral // ASOS Lifestyle

Although I prefer the bumbag, I know that there are quite a lot of people who prefers to bring a mini backpack instead. Mini backpacks will of course work fine as well, but I will point out that even though a min backpack can be great for walking around a music festival, they don’t come in too practical at the concerts because they are annoying to dance with and easy to steal from.

Below here I have found a couple of cute mini backpacks which could work, or at least look good, at a music festival.

mini backpacksFjallraven // Leather Satchel Company // New Look


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