Just Go With It

A plastic surgeon (Adam Sandler) likes to get women to sleep with him by pretending he is married, but when he then falls for a young teacher who by no means find it hot that he is married, he makes up a fake ex-family consisting of his assistant (Jennifer Aniston), and her two children. The movie is super fun in that super exaggerated Hollywood way, and a very easy watch for those nights where you are not in the mood for something too heavy.


Parent Trap

A quite old and definitely classic movie about two twin sisters who by coincidence meet each other at a summer camp after having been split up at birth. The two sisters device a plan to each go home with the wrong parent in the end of the summer, so that they can both meet the mom/dad they have never had a relationship with.



Cartoon when it is best. Sing is more or less a complete ripoff of the X-Factor we all know and love, featuring cartoon animals performing some of the biggest hits there is. Sing is super cute, fun and well done, and in my opinion one of the better cartoon movies from the newer days.


Two Weeks Notice

A strong willed attorney takes a job at one of the biggest, and ethically worst, corporations in New York and are forced to work for a man she seemingly despises. The movie is fun, cute and definitely a chick flick when it is best. On top of that it is staring none other that Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant.


Their Finest Hour

It is the middle of the Second World War when a female secretary, Catrin, who lives in London gets offered an amazing position in a movie production due to the lack of men, who have all been send to war. This position doesn’t come without challenges and Catrin must learn how to get taken seriously in a world which up until now have been widely dominated by men. The movie is dramatic, romantic and very beautifully made.

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