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Amy have grown up to think that monogamy is absolutely unrealistic, so when she is called up after a one night stand by a guy who wants to take her on a date, hell is sure to break loose. The movie staring Amy Schumer is obviously a comedy, with pieces of romance mushed in through out the movie.

5 movies to watch


Belle is a movie based on real life events which takes place in the later half of 1700, and are portraying Dido, a mulatto girl growing up in the higher circles of the British society. Of course back then having a mulatto in you house as anything but a servant was simply unheard of, and Dido has to face more than one challenge along the way.

5 movies to watch       The Duff

When Bianco finds out that she apparently is the Duff “designated ugly fat friend” of her friend group, she has some serious pondering to do, and this all while trying to find a way to get the schools hottest guy Toby to go out with her. The movie is a teen chick-flick if anything, and are amongst other staring Robbie Amell, Bella Thorne and Mae Whitman.

5 movies to watch Pretty in Pink 

In the old classic from the 80’s we meet Andie who attends a school were the main student body are all from money. Andie and her two friends, are definitely the odd ones out, but then what happens when Andie falls in love with one of the rich kids?

5 movies to watch Kung Fu Panda

I don’t think this movie need much explanation, except that is is a cartoon, it is funny, cute and if you haven’t seen it yet, then you ought to do it. Because you never really do get too old for Disney do you?


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