Beauty and the Beast 

I think it is safe to say that most people already know Beauty and the Beast from the original cartoon. Now, however, it have been recreated, staring Emma Watson as Belle. The movie have built in some more backstory, and is absolutely beautifully made. Definitely worth watching if you haven’t already.

la la land gifLa La Land 

La La Land is a new musical, which this year got no less than 14 Oscar nominations. The movie is about Mia a young girl trying to break through as an actress in LA, and Sebastian who’s dream is to open a Jazz bar. The two stumble upon each other by accidence and quickly fall in love, but it isn’t all fun and games, and their love is definitely thrown for a loop or two.

hidden figures gif

Hidden Figures

In Hidden Figures we are introduced to the behind-the-scenes workings at NASA, where a group of super intelligent african american women plays a huge part in getting the first rocket to space, whereafter a group of white men takes all the credit for the work. The movie is absolutely incredible and I can definitely recommend it it. As an extra bonus it is staring Taraji Henson, the baddest babe of all time.

single gifHow to be Single 

How to be Single is an american comedy about a group of girls in New York, some know each other and others are a part of the movie through thin links, as we see it in New Years Eve and Love Actually. The movie isn’t anything special, but if you are in the mood for a movie night and don’t feel like watching anything heavy, How to be Single is definitely the definition of a feel-good movie.

ghost in the shell gif

Ghost in the Shell 

 Ghost in the Shell is a science fiction movie based on the Manga of the same name, and is about of female cyborg who are on the track of an insane and super dangerous hacker, who doesn’t hack computers but peoples minds. In the end there is a big revelation about who really is the good and who is the bad in the whole scheme of things, which results in a war like nothing else.

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