Movies I have watched lately

American hustle
A story following an amazing con artist, Irving Rosenfeld, and his british partner in crime, Sydney Prosser, while they are forced to work for an insane  FBI agent after being busted during a loan scam. This movie is definitely the number one comedy crime movie ever.
movies to watch
Inside out
The truth about why we do and feel like we do. I have always been a big fan of the Disney classics, and this is definitely one for the top10.
movies to watch
Wag the dog
If you ever have been wondering what would happen if a big shot hollywood producer took over the marketing and branding of the white house you need to watch this movie. I were literally laughing so hard through out this movie (even though it’s not really a comedy, ups), and it is just an amazing movie really.
movies to watch
In time
I normally don’t really like action movies too much, but for some reason or another this movie just got me completely caught waiting to find out what would happen next. It also doesn’t make matters worse that the main characters are played by Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.
movies to watch
Léon: The Professional
In this movie we follow the hit man, Léon when he together with just 12 year old Mathilda has to get by, without getting neither killed or caught.

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