Bend It Like Beckham

Jess loves football but her parents don’t want her to play on a team because they think she should focus on finding herself a suitable husband. Jess then meets Jules who helps her get into the game, quite literally, and while Jess tries to hide her hobby from her parents she ends up failing, which lead to a minor child-parent rebellion, some friendship drama, and of course a few boy problems too. All in all a super good move, that I can only recommend watching.

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American Pie

Four friends in their last year of high school makes a pact to all loose their virginity before their graduation, something which proves much harder than they initially thought. Things are specially hard for our main character Jim, who on his journey to sex has a quite embarrassing incident with the schools super hot exchange student, Nadia, an incident which just so happens to be broadcasted to the entire school. If you are into old comedies and stupid sex jokes, this is definitely a movie for you.

movies to watch


The amazing Disney classic Pocahontas is one of my personal favourites, just with the exception of Beauty and the Beast and Mulan. The famous movie is about forbidden love and takes place during the events in which the Europeans assumed American land and forcefully threw out the native people.

movies to watch

Letters to Juliet

 Sophie and her fiance Victor goes to Verona, Italy, for a romantic get-away, and ends up finding a 50 year old letter in the famous courtyard where Juliet from Shakespeare’s well known drama lived. The letter is from a girl named Claire, and in the letter she talks about a boy she is in love with. When Clair, now 50 years older, shows up in Italy with her grandchild and a dream to find the lost love of her life, Sophie decide to go with them around Toscana in search of Lorenzo.


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