Nobody wants to look cheap, but with a student budget it can be difficult to afford clothes and accessories which is anything but exactly that; cheap. Luckily though, there is certain fashionista habits that will instantly make your outfits look so much more high end. Moreover, there are certain little things that can make an outfit appear cheap, which are very easy to avoid wearing or doing.

Summer outfit

Keep It Simple

First of, we have the most basic rule of them all. Keep it simple. No matter how fashionable or trendy something is, it can always be over done, and doing too much is a sure way to make your outfit appear very budget friendly.

Things where people often over-do it includes:

Trends. While following trends is a great way to stay stylish and fashion forward, over doing it can have the exact opposite effect, and although things such as sheer tops, patchwork denim, midi heels and gold earrings are all very much on trend, wearing all of these items at the same time can easily be too much. Instead try to always keep it at one or two trends at a time.

Accessories. Accessories can really make or break an outfit, and while the right amount of accessories will both elevate your outfit and make you appear more high end, wearing too much jewellery will make your outfit quickly drop from high end to high pitched. You can check out my post on accessorising yourself expensive here.

Colors and patterns. Although a single splash of colour or a nice patterned scarfs can do wonders for your outfit, wearing too much colours and patterns will have the opposite effect. It is also important that if you do wear a lot of colours at once, that they compliment each other.

simple outfit

Stay Away From Patterns

As mentioned above wearing too many patterns at once will make your outfit look messy, but more so than that, can patterned fabric, specially floral patterns, very easily look cheap. When buying patterns in a high street store it is therefore important to always look at the fabric type, since certain fabrics will look cheaper than others. If you are uncertain about your fabrics you can find a guide on how to spot the cheap looking fabrics from the good fabrics here.

Make Sure Your Items Match

Looking messy is the worst thing you could possibly do, and mismatched clothes is always a sure way to have a messy look. Make sure your outfit is always carefully chosen and that the pieces you are wearing are matching each other as well as your accessories and the environment you’re in.

The main thing about this is that if you look put together, you look high end. If you then in turn look like you just got off your couch, you will look messy. The thing with looking high end is that although the outfit itself means a lot, the attitude and confidence the outfit is carried with is very important too.


Don’t Feel Above Promo Codes

Many online high street sides such as Asos, Missguided, Rosegal or TopShop will have different promo codes which give you a discount at check out. These codes will usually be sent out to you on email if you are signed up with the brand, otherwise you will often be able to just google for for example “Missguided promo code fall 2017” and if you are lucky something good will show.

all black outfit

Go All Black

Going all black is the easiest and surest way to quickly create a high end looking outfit. Not only does an entirely black outfit just emit class in a way a colourful outfit never would, (I mean we all remember Coco Chanels many suits and dresses right) but when your clothes are black it also is more difficult to see the fabric, and a very cheap fabric can easily look both expensive and stylish in the dark colour.

Everybody who have been reading the blog for a longer time, or who are following me on Instagram will know that I am a huge far of all black outfits.

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