I often write blog posts on the newest and biggest trends in the fashion industry, but after I  doing a posts on “3 things you will find in any stylish home” which became very popular I figured that it might be fun to this time around write a post on the summers biggest interior trends.

faux fur chairs1; here // 2; here // 3; here

Faux Fur Chairs

First of we have the faux fur chairs. The faux fur chair trend covers both chairs or beanbags which have originally been created in faux fur, and regular chairs which simply have had a faux fur plaid thrown over them. As you can see above I am personally most into the version of the trend where you simply throw a bit of fur over a more basic chair.

Why include this trend in your home

The trend is a perfect way to make an otherwise boring corner of the house seem more stylish and put together. It is also perfect for making any chair seem more comfy, and lastly it is an amazing way to bring a little extra “hygge” to your home.

How to prosecute it

This trend is super easy to prosecute as it doesn’t require more than a small piece of faux fur, assuming that most people are in the possession of a chair. The trend is best done using a more simple and clean cut chair, since you otherwise risk it appearing slightly tacky.



Cork in decor is not really a new trend, however it is new that designer have begun to use it for furnitures too, instead of only including it as a decorative detail. Besides furnitures made in cork another way to include cork in you home, that most interior platforms seems to be getting more and more fond of, is using cork on the wall in an almost wallpaper like manner. A great example of this can be seen amongst the pictures above. I personally am also super in love with the lamp that you can also see (and find a link to) above.

Why include this trend in your home

With furniture and lamps in cork it is nothing more than a stylish detail, but if you go as far as creating a whole cork wall, or even just a bar of cork in your office, you all of sudden have a place where you can easily pin up pictures, drawings, old movies tickets and so on. You hereby get a super fun little memory wall in your home.

industrial bar stools1; here // 2; here // 3; here // 4; here // 5; here

Industrial bar stools

Industrial bar stools is without a doubt my all time favourite interior trend of the moment. It is super easy and completely awesome way to amp up your apartment and give it a cool and laid back look. It is a great way to further spice up your home if you already live in a more laid back manner, and if your place looks super put together it is a cool detail to just give you home a little extra edge.

How to prosecute it

Including this trend in you home could not be easier, the only thing you need to do is buy the chair and place i a space you think would look good. Many people seem to think that to carry out this trend you need to have at least two or three chairs stabled around a table or a some sort of bar, however, this is in no way the case. It will look just as stylish having just one bar stool at the end of your kitchen counter, at you desk, in your bathroom, beside the window, or wherever else you feel it would fit.

marble coffee tables1; here // 2; here // 3; here

Marble coffee tables

Marble coffee tables have been all it-girls go-to forever, but it doesn’t seem to be a trend which will be disappearing anytime soon, and it therefore of course also deserves a spot on this list.

Why include this trend in your home

Marble is one of those materials that no matter what you do just always manages to create a 100% stylish look. Including a bit of marble in you home, no matter if it is via the coffee table or any other marble detail, will immediately bring somer extra class to your apartment.

dark greenPlaid

Dark green

Dark green is probably the biggest of the five trends I have introduced you to. One of the reasons for the trend growing as big as it have, most likely also have something to do with the fact that it covers everything. It really doesn’t matter if it is a full out green wall, a big green couch or simply a green pillow on your bed.

Why include this trend in your home

Dark green is a super stylish colour and will for sure give a little extra it-girl vibe to your place. Besides the stylish charm the colour inevitably will bring to your home it is also super easy to incorporate, and simply switching one of the pillows on your couch or you living room vase out with a green detailed item will do the trick. This mean that you with a minimum effort can join all the major interior influences.

How to prosecute it

The dark green trend is as mentioned super easy to incorporate in your home. As dark green is simply a colour and not a certain element or material it truly requires no work at all to bring it into your home. The best tips for styling with dark green is that if you choose to go full out with for example a whole dark green wall as can be seen above then you should try to choose a more mat and grey-toned green. However, if you go for the more subtle incorporation of dark green then it is better to go for a more colourful and nature like green.

A good place to start with the dark green trend would be with this pillow.

interior trends

All pictures are from Pinterest and their original sources can be found here.

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