We are reaching the end of March and the sun have finally begun to make its appearance here and there, an absolutely amazing change from the insanely cold weather we have been having lately.

Buy not only does the arrival of April means the arrival of better weather, it also means the arrival of the easter break. Yes please. However, the easter break isn’t the only thing coming closer, so is the exams, and I have been so extremely busy with school lately that literally every aspect of my social life have been lacking attention.

insta update

Besides my friends and family the blog have also seriously been lacking attention, and I have barely posted anything at all for the last month. I also haven’t done an Insta Update since the end of December, and I figured it was about time I did another one, so here you go.

To see more and keep up with my day to day life check me out at @ByOlina

insta update

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