How to wear denim on denim

Denim is and have for decades now been the go-to fabric for any item, and have therefor also been paired with everything including itself. BUT, if you are choosing to wear denim on denim, something that I personally are all for, it is important to follow the one simple rule there is about it.

Always make sure that your two denim pieces are contrasting. 

Meaning that if you decide on wearing all denim, the two or even three denim pieces you put together should not be in the same colour. Above you can see some example of people who definitely knows how to rock the denim on denim style, and underneath you can find a couple of my suggestions on how to style/contrast your denim looks. Underneath that you can also find a lot of denim items that I have completely fallen for.

How to wear denim on denimCrop top // Skirt // T-shirt // Jeans // Jacket // Shorts

Denim items that I’m crushing onHow to wear denim on denim1. here // 2. here // 3. here // 4. here // 5. here // 6. here // 7. here // 8. here // 9. here // 10. here // 11. here // 12. here // 13. here // 14. here // 15. here // 16. here // 17. here // 18. here // 19. here // 20. here // 21. here // 22. here

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