Measure yourself 

Many people don’t like to shop online because they don’t get to try the clothes on first, but if you know your measurement it is super easy and fast to go check with size is the equivalent of your measurement for each brand.

Check on catwalk 

Today most websites provides you with the ability so see the item in motion on the catwalk, this feature help you to see how the clothes till look in real life, since the pictures might sometimes be a little deceiving.

shop like a pro

Take a look at the return policies 

All websites have return policies, and they are definitely always worth taking a look at, some websites for example will only give you the money back if the item is returned in the first 14 days, while others give you 30 or even 50 days, the same goes for price, some has free return and some do not.

Read the reviews 

This specially goes if you are buying something from a brand you haven’t owned anything from before, the reviews usually gives you a good idea of how the quality is, if the material is comfy and maybe if the size are bigger or smaller than average.



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