Go Glam or Go Home

I’m sure that we have all had those moments seeing the beautiful celebrities walking down the red carpet in their stunning dresses, and wishing it could be us. Now that wedding season is officially upon us, and school will start soon and bring tons of parties, events and proms with it, there will actually be some moments for red carpet worthy dresses.

The perfect place to find a dress like that is at Sherry London. Sherry London is an online store that sells the most amazing dresses, AND they will customise the dresses for you. Definitely the place to go look for an awesome over-the-top dress when in need for it.

Here underneath you see three dresses from Sherry London, that not only are my favourites, but that I also think would be good for a semi fancy summer wedding or a start of year summer galla. Go glam or go homeHere // Here // Here

I am absolutely obsessed with this dress! It may be a little over the top for a casual wedding or a prom, but if I could ever find a way to sneak into a ball at the queens castle this dress is definitely what I would be wearing.Go glam or go homeHere

3 other dresses that I’m really into, and could definitely imagine wearing during one of my more “fancy” activities.Go glam or go homeHere // Here // Here

In case you don’t share my taste in dresses, you should go take a look at  their website. Click here to see their evening dresses, long evening dresses, and of course the more classic black evening dresses.  Also at the moment they have a summer sale with up to 60%.

Post done in collaboration with Sherry London

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