1* Donut table stand // 2* Record player // 3* Salt & pepper pug set // 4* Portable iPhone charger, w/ hearts and w/ eyes // 5* #Girlboss book // 6* Polaroid camera // 7* “Is it Friday yet?” watch // 8* Neon light, rainbow and cactus // 9* Lady legs ashtray // 10* Carmex set // 11* Wireless speaker // 12* Snack pots // 13* Hbutler orbit key finder // 14* Fresh creme fragrance // 15* Donut candle

December is only two days away, and I for once are super exited, not that it will really change much since I have been listening to christmas music pretty much non-stop since mid November. Because I myself have been spending quite a bit of time pondering what to give everybody, I have also found quite a bit of different possible christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.

As for cheap but cute gifts for friends, or for stocking stuffers, I really like the neon rainbow and cactus lights, and the grow a unicorn kit.

Some of the other stuff I personally would love to receive myself include the Milk make-up set, the Fujifilm Instax smartphone printer and the Flamingo candle.

 16* Cocktail set // 17* Badges // 18* Grow a unicorn // 19* Flamingo candle // 20* Exotic scented candle // 21*  Amazing Grace collection // 22* You are awesome pillow  // 23* Water bottle // 24* Sleepy candle bubble gum // 25* Cozy candle ginger // 26* Hand lotion set // 27* Arm cuff // 29* Milk make-up set // 30* Notebook // 32* Smashbox set // 33* Kushmi tea set // 34* Sonic skin cleansing system // 35* Elephant mug // 36* Pineapple candle // 37* Fujifilm Instax smartphone printer // 38* Raspberry and blackberry set // 39* Alice in Wonderland lip balm

One of the things I have found that I think is super cool is the Hbutler orbit key finder, which is this tiny little thing you can place in your keychain, and whenever you loose your keys you can tap a button on your phone, and the little orbit will give off a beeping sound, helping you find your keys, super cool right?

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