Festival essentials

festival packing list

Sunglasses // Bumbag // Belt // Cap // Ring // Crop top // Jeans // Denim shorts // Sweater // Fringe shorts // Sneakers // Bikini top // Ring // Dress // Crop top

My festival wardrobe

1) A jacket : You never know how the weather will be so I’m going to bring both a raincoat and a denim jacket.

2) Shoes : I’m bringing a pair of sneakers, cause somebody will most likely step on my your feet doing the many concerts, and it’s a good idea to wear some closed shoes. Also I’m going to be bringing a pair of flip-flops since they’re really easy to just throw on.

3) A sweater : cause it’s gonna get cold at night and who would want to freeze.

4) Tops and T-shirts.

5) Socks : remeber to bring a lot of those since it’s probably going to rain at some point and it’s suck to not have any dry ones.

6) Shorts.

7) Pants : I’m going to bring some loose ones, since it’s not to comfortable wearing skinny jeans when first it starts raining or becomes too hot.

8) Bag : I have bought a bumbag for this occasion, since it’s a good way to have all of your stuff close to you.

9) Sunglasses : Make sure not to bring some expensive ones, you can also bring a sunhat or a cap.

10 ) Dresses.

11) Bikini : It’s gonna be warm so a bikini is a good idea, also you can use it as a second bra.

12) Bandana : it’s a great way to keep your hair out of your face, and you can dip it in cold water and tie it around your neck when it gets too warm.

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