One of my biggest guilty pleasures is low-key stalking fashionistas on Instagram. Anyone who knows me would be able to tell you that I am absolutely addicted to Instagram, and in this post I have collected 7 fashionista profiles that you need to follow on Instagram.


@allaboutelisa is one of my all-time favourite instagrammers. Her style is super accessible, as it is quite casual, and usually consist of oversized sweaters and flat shoes, mostly boots and sneakers. @allaboutelisa is run by Elisa Ludwig who also runs the blog All About Elisa.

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Waiting for pancakes 🥞 #saturdaze

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@lilymontasser has a really wide taste when it comes to fashion, and she often experiments quite a bit with her style, which ranges from both quite indie-rocked outfits to the more neat and put together looks. However, you can be sure that whatever style her current outfit is, it is super cool and gaze worthy. @lilymontasser is run by Lily Montasser who also runs the blog, The Demeler.


@thegreylayers travels all over the world and takes some super cool outfit pictures. Her style mainly consists of a mix between current trends and vintage inspired items. I first fell for @thegreylayers photography and photo editing, but quickly came to absolutely adore her style. @thegreylayers are run by Jeanne Grey who also runs the blog Grey Layers.


@mvb is all about casual, edgy and very simple fashion. The pictures are all edited to look very vintage, and I love the oldschool vibe the whole feed have. @mvb is run by Marie von Behrens who also runs the blog MarieVB.


@jourdansloane have a quite edgy style with a touch of casual elegance and current trends. Her pictures are always super cool, and I am personally are a big fan of the way she tends to find new and stylish ways to prosecute overdone trends. @jourdansloane is run b Jourdan who also runs the blog The Limit Does Not Exist.

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@prettyfrowns is one of my newer Instagram finds, however she have quickly become one of my favourite go-to’s for fashion inspiration. @prettyfrowns style consists mainly of trend based outfits, but are all styled in a very accesable manner, which is not unrealistic to acquire yourself. This also makes her a great style inspiration. @prettyfrowns is run by Isabel who also runs the blog PrettyFrowns.

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