I have written quite a bit of posts on the different trends seen amongst the street style it girl during Fashion Months. The biggest trends have without doubt been the hoodiethe statement jacketthe detailed sleeved, and the “all about waist” trend. The monochromatic suit were also a huge Fashion Month must-have, I haven’t done a post on that yet, but it will be up soon.

Today I have collected 5 of the smaller trends seen during Fashion Month.

fashion week trends       Wearing a Bra or Corset on Top of Your Shirt

Trend number one is the bra on top trend which I have also previously written about. The trend can be prosecuted by pairing a bra, corset or even a basic crop top over any kind of blouse you’d like. The easiest way to carry out the trend is to pair a classic black bralette over a basic white shirt, but if you wanna spice it up you can also wear a t-shirt with a cool print or an oversized shirt underneath whatever you decided to wear on top.

fashion week trendsFurry Sleeves 

I’m not quite sure exactly how I feel about this trend, however, the many it-girls of the world seems to be very into it so I figured it was worth sharing, and you never know, it could be one of those heeled mules incidents where I start out being sceptical and end up loving it. The trend includes both a complete fur jacket where the fur on the sleeves simply are a little more prominent, as you can see in the picture to the right, but also jackets which only has fur on the sleeves, as in the picture to the left.

military jacketThe Military Inspired Jacket 

The military jacket have been in for ages and I really don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. I personally love this jacket style so much, and have myself been looking for the perfect military inspired jacket for forever. I realise that this trend technically do belong under the statement jacket trend, but it’s just a little to good to skip.

oversized shirt + skirtWearing an Oversized Shirt with a Skirt

This trend is probably one of the newest trends to appear at Fashion Month since most of the other trends have either been in for a couple of weeks already, or have been in once before. The trend is great because it’s so available and easy to incorporate into your daily wardrobe. It only takes an oversized shirt and any skirt in any style you see fit to create a super stylish outfit.

Track pants
Track Pants

Track pants and leisure wear in general have been super in for almost a year and a half now, but since this Fashion Month has shown us that the trend is definitely still going strong I figured it deserved a place on the list. The massive amount of track pants options we can see in stores also tells us something about the trend’s willingness to stay.

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