For most students the exams are approaching fast, for some they might even already be happening, but either way I am sure most students are currently studying their butts off, at least I know I am. End of year essays, tests, exam preparation, you name it and I’m probably doing it.

I don’t like to admit it, but in stressed times I am definitely a sucker for “the easy way out” and I have therefore also spent an insane amount of time reading about ways to improve your studying techniques. I have here collected 8 study tips which are all science-backed.

Bedtime stories 

It have been scientifically proven that during sleep the brain strengthens memories. This means that if you read before going to bed there is a much bigger chance of you remembering what you have studied, and hey… is this the greatest excuse for taking a nap or what?

Story time

Besides reading before going to sleep, another science-backed method of remembering details and facts better is to turn the information into a story. 

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Treat yourself

When you are training an animal and it does something right, you’ll give it a treat. Since we humans really are nothing more than mammals ourself, this should also go for us. Studies show that you should always give yourself a treat after you have accomplished or improved upon something.

The brain boosters 

When it comes to your health and you brain maintaining a healthy diet means a lot, but besides the “don’t drink to much” and “try to stay away from fastfood” lines that we have probably all heard from our teachers and parents a million times, it is proven that eating a good mix between fatty acids and omega-3 reduce anxiety, which lets face it, most of us probably need before an exam. Besides reducing anxiety food can also be good as natural brain boosters, specifically fish, nuts and olive oil have been suggested to improve brain activity.

Quiz yourself

Studies show that there are a significant correlation between the amount of time someone have used on quizzing themseles and their exam scores. I can personally recommend the site Quizlet where you can create your own quizzes as well as search for quizzes done by other people. More often than not you will find super great, and definitely useable quizzes. I mean if you are having an exam on a topic, chances are that other people probably are too.

exam prep tips and tricks

Go old-school

Another supposedly great method of remembering the information you study is going back to the more old-school ways of preparing for exams and actually putting a pen to paper. Studies shows that switching the word document out for some handwritten notes will help you remember what you have read.

Voice it

This might not work too well if you tend to study in public places such as the library or a cafe, but whenever you are studying at home you should read what you are studying out loud. Science suggest that this help you since you will store the information in not one, but two ways. Seeing it and hearing it.


Again this is something we have all definitely heard before, but if you expect you brain to function fully you also need to give it some time to collect itself once in a while. From basically every study ever done on the topic of sleeping habits we can learn that the best thing you can do for yourself during exam times is sleep 7 to 8 hours a day. 

exam prep tips and tricks

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