Today it might seem easy to hide behind a screen at all costs, however there are so many instances where you need to be, or at least be able to make it seem like you are, confident. Whether it is a university or job interview, attending a new society for the first time, or simply being at a party where you don’t really know anybody, emitting confidence is key.

I have here collected 6 easy ways to seem and be more confident.

Speak your mind

Speaking your mind is definitely one of the best things you can do to emit more confidence. Not only will speaking your mind make people notice you, but it will also make it seem like you are an opinionated person who aren’t scared to let her opinion be known.

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Be outgoing and happy

Today there is a general characterisation of a “cool and confident” person as someone who stands in the corner of the room with a growl on their face. However, this is a rather outdated perception. Sitting in the corner of the room and not talking to anyone simply makes you seem shy and nervous, while talking to new people and making sure that you are an active participant of the community you are in will make you seem much more confident. Being happy is also a big part of this. Someone who smiles all the time and are generally just a positive and happy person will always seem more approachable and confident.

Ask for help and ask questions

Asking for help can be both difficult and uncomfortable, while often also making you feel stupid and maybe straight out unconfident. However, asking for help should be none of these things. By asking for help and asking questions, especially in circumstances where there is something you don’t understand, will only make you seem confident in yourself and your abilities. So next time you are a part of a conversation and there is a word or a concept you don’t know, whether it is for educational purposes or a social discussion, ask!

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Taking yourself too seriously is the absolute worse. It might be difficult to laugh at yourself in embarrassing situations, but when it comes down to it, being able to do this will make your life so much easier. Furthermore, the ability to not take yourself too seriously will make you seem confident as the person you are. Even if the person you are sometimes fall over, spill on themselves or mispronounce words.

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Know what you want and go for it

This seems an obvious point when it comes to emitting confidence, but being someone who knows how to make a decision and stick with it, is just one of the easiest ways to seem and be confident. It doesn’t matter if it is knowing what you want to do with your life or just what to order for dinner, the important thing is to be a decisive person and not someone who will alter there wishes depending on what other people think and does.

Your posture

Having an open posture can make wonders on how other people perceive you as a person. A person who maintains a straight back and an open body language, by for example not crossing your arms over your chest or slumping your knees and shoulders, will immediately seem like a more confident person.


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