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There is two thing on the agenda today. Buying ear cuffs online and back to school shopping.

Before school starts there is quite a lot of stuff you need to get under control, buy and prepare. For me this include getting a new schoolbag. I have been switching between the same two old bags for 3 years now, but then just a couple of weeks before the schoolyear ended the zipper in my backpack completely gave up, and although it was fine to rely on my tote bag for the last few weeks, I really need a backpack too for those days where you have to bring 5 books and a computer etc. so that my back doesn’t get completely smashed.

school bag

I ended up settling on this backpack which you can also see at the top of the post, because I like how simple and roomy it is. However in my search I also found the tote bag, which can be above in three different colours, and which I also think would make a great schoolbag. Lastly I found the super cool white board stickers that you can also see at the top of the post. I honestly am not quite sure where I would find room for the stickers, but I want them.

ear cuffs

As for the second part of today’s post I have been completely obsessed with ear cuffs lately. Emma Watson have been known for rocking the coolest ear cuffs ever since she was still filming the Harry Potter movies, but I feel like lately we se more and more celebrities wearing the cool jewellery. Specially Blake Lively and Karlie Kloss have a way of carrying the more rocked jewellery super elegantly.

Because of this new jewellery crush of mine I of course have been looking for ear cuffs online, where I amongst others found these cuffs at DressLily, the same site where I also found the schoolbags.

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