This might be coming a little late, but as promise I now give you the second part of the Designer on Sale post. Last round was only with jeans and shoes, but this time I have collected a little of each. All good stuff though.

I specially like the La Perla wired dress, the Zadig & Voltaire leather mini skirt and last but not least the Etre Cécile star print jean jacket.

designer on sale

MAX&Co, ribbed velvet dress, kr 725 or $104 (used to be kr 1095 or $156)

La Perla, wired dress, kr 5870 or $837 (used to be kr 9785 or $1395)

Alexander Lewis, mini skirt, kr 1665 or $237 (used to be kr 3330 or $475)

designer on sale

Moschino, dress, kr 1575 or $225 (used to be kr 3155 or $450)

Zadig & Voltaire, leather mini skirt, kr 2260 or $322 (used to be kr 3235 or $460)

Theory, suede-trimmed skirt, kr 2050 or $292 (used to be kr 5125 or $731)

Marc Jacobs, wallet on chain, kr 2015 or $246 (used to be kr 2885 or $410)

designer on sale3.1 Phillip Lim, denim jumpsuit, kr 2095 or $299 (used to be kr 5250 or $748)

Elizabeth and James, silk mini dress, kr 1380 or $197 (used to be kr 2760 or $393)

Etre Cécile, star print jean jacket, kr 1650 or $235 (used to be kr 2355 or $336)

Also check DESIGNER ON SALE jeans and shoe edition.

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