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It is so super easy to accidentally collected an endless amount of stuff in your home, that you really are never using. I have therefore made a list of 22 things, which you most likely have in your home that you should get rid of right now. In other words, the complete list needed to declutter your home.

paper trash

First thing first, you need to get rid of all the different kinds of paper trash that are clotting up your valuable storage space. This includes:

Old bills, brochures, tickets (bus, plane or cinema), etc. 

Old news papers. It’s not like the news will still be news tomorrow. Old gossip magazines also needs to be thrown out.

Old school stuff. Such as notes or books from subjects you have already finished. Also old assignments. 

Calendars. Outdated calendars. It’s not like you’re gonna use them again. 

your wardrobe

Once all the paper trash is gone, it’s time to move on to your closet. These are just a few things which are easy to get rid of, but if you need a full closet cleanse, check out this or this post. 

Anything with holes in. Of course jeans and such might sometimes be purposely ripped already from the store, BUT, holes in socks and underwear are NOT a fashionstatement, so get rid of them!

Anything that should be a pair. Anything that have lost its “buddy” such as socks, earrings, gloves, etc. 
Stockings with runs. We all have them, we all hate, and we all definitely needs to throw them away. 
Logo stuff. T-shirts, hoodies, etc. from your old work place or a school you aren’t attending anymore. Chances are you aren’t gonna be using a t-shirt with a name of you old workplace, at your new workplace, so don’t waste space on this. 


Moving on from the closet, it’s time to look into those entertainment times, which are either outdated or unused. 

 Books. I’m sure you could find at least 10 books around you home, which you know for sure you are never gonna read again, so why not donate these?
CD’s and DVD’s. It’s not like people actually use these anymore.
Boardgames. If you have old boardgames laying around that you haven’t played in years, donate them!

SElf care

This is probably the most important category on this list, not because self care items actually take up that much space, but because expired medicine, makeup etc. can actually be sorta dangerous to use. 

Expired cremes and makeup. This also includes dried nail polish.

Expired medication.

Baby size toiletries. Personally, I always have tons of these laying around, thinking that they’ll come in handy at some point, yet when I finally am going traveling and have use for them, they are expired. 

Hair ties that are no longer elastics. 


Last, but not least, we have the pretty long list of things most people have laying around their home, which are all super easy and painfree to get rid off. Most of these things also take up a lot of space, so why not use that storage space for something more pratical?

Decorative things which have seen better days. This could for example be dried flowers, used candles, etc.

Chipped china. Mugs, glass, plates, get rid of those chipped items, and while your in the kitchen you might as well throw out any broken kitchen tools.

Worn out towels and bedsheets. This goes for anything with holes, or anything that are so warned and washed-out that it have become miss-coloured. 

Anything rusty. This mostly goes for cutlery, treys and candleholders.

Pencilcase items that no longer works. This includes pens, makers, glue sticks etc. 

Electronics that broken or outdated. For example old phone or cables. I myself, have so many cables I have no idea where belong to, which I am sure I will never ever use again.


Anything that should be in pairs. This doesn’t just go for your wardrobe. Chances are that you probably have things around the house, which are missing its “buddy” just as much as your socks are. This especially goes for tupperware!


Old manuals. If you still have manuals to stuff you no longer use laying around throw them out. I am especially guilty of this when it comes to IKEA furniture or electronics.
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