Oversized can be stylish

Everybody knows that oversized clothes are extremely comfy, but besides it being super comfy, I also find that oversized items are great fashion wise. When you wear oversized clothes you are completely covered, yet you will usually still be able to see the your silhouette underneath the clothes. I personally really like this effect, and find it both stylish and sexy.

I am not the only one

As many of you probably have noticed, there was a bit over an oversized-clothes epidemic during the last fashion month, however, this is not complete new to the fashion world. I have been wearing oversized for years, and my love for the comfy items first began after looking at street syle pictures of the Olsen twins, who are definitely the absolute queens of stylish oversized outfits.

The shirt I am wearing in these pictures are from Zaful and can be found herecutest fall trend

Cutest fall trend

The trends we see during fall usually incorporates heavy fabrics and darker colours, but this year there is one trend that really stands out as the absolute cutest fall trend. The scarf-as-a-belt trend. The trend is very simple and easy to prosecute yourself, as it doesn’t require you to do anything other than place a smaller and preferably colourful scarf around the rim of your pants. I have completely fallen for this trend, and also like how it is an easy way to incorporate a little colour into an otherwise bland and colourless wardrobe.

The scarf I am using in these pictures are vintage. You can probably find a similar one in your local vintage or second-hand store.

white shirt outfitHow to wear it


As mentioned, the best thing about wearing oversized is the effect of being able to skim the skinny silhouette underneath the item, yet this does need a little help to actually work. The best thing to do is to always pair an oversized top with tight bottoms, and oversized bottoms with something tight at the top. This way you maintain a balance in your outfit.

The “scarf-belt”

The scarf-as-a-belt trend works best with a colourful or patterned scarf, this means that the best thing to do is to keep the rest of the outfit simple, colourless and without too many prints. Don’t wear anything that will outshine the scarf, instead let the scarf-belt carry the outfit.

cutest fall trend

Outfit sum up:

Shirt: Zaful || Pants: Monki || Sneaks: Bershka || Scarf: Vintage

White shirt

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