I am a firm believer in the idea that if you feel confident in the way you look, and think you look good, then that confidence is gonna spread, and in the end you will feel more confident in general.

However, the idea of looking at yourself in the mirror and being completely satisfied with what you see is often easier said than done. I have here collected three things you need to realise in order to feel more confident in your personal style.

The realisation that you can be really into a style without necessarily needing to wear it yourself

I’m sure we have all tried walking down the street or scrolling through insta and seeing a girl with the coolest style ever, however, this dosen’t always mean that you will feel comfortable in said style, and constantly considering changing your style or thinking that something else would look better on you can be a real downer. Constantly experimenting with your style can be fun, but it is very often more destructive than it is productive.

The realisation that you need to stop thinking that if you buy clothes in a size too small you’ll fit it in a month or two

Again this is something we have all done at least once, and again it is a habit which is more destructive than productive. Instead, make sure to buy clothes that actually fit you and that you feel comfortable wearing. If you feel comfortable, the feeling of confidence is not far behind.

The realisation that it isn’t the end of the world to wear the same thing again and again

I am a big sucker for wearing the same kind of black skinny jeans over and over for days in a row, and when I was younger I had this irrationally thought that it wasn’t okay to do this, and I kept stressing out about never wearing the same ting more than once a week. I have now realised that this is completely stupid, and that if you feel good in something (like my back skinny jeans) why not wear it on repeat, and feel good everyday?


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