One of the biggest struggles of being a shopping addicted girl is you closet getting completely overstuffed literally always. Because I more than anything know this struggle I have here collected a list of 5 types of clothes which you should definitely get rid of, like ASAP.

The Replica

That one shirt, dress or skirt that looks almost identical to another item you have and use much more frequently. Get rid of it. There are absolutely no reason to use valuable closet space on an item, that lets face it, is nothing more than a wannabe of one of your more precious things.

The Old Love

We all have that one (or those ten) items that we love love loved when we were younger, yet they just don’t quite seem to fit anymore. They most likely are also NOT something which you would actually ever dream to leave the house in, in this time and age, and it is definitely way to worn, torn and overly used to ever be completely clean again. Yes, it is temping to keep such an item around forever, but if you really loved it so much chances are you probably got a 100 pictures of yourself wearing it, so again, why use the little closet space you have on it.

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The Unworn

That super cute thing you bought in that super cute store on that super fun day, thinking that “I will totally use this so often”, but then never actually got around to wear, and now its just laying around in your wardrobe still with the price tag on. Yes, it can seem like such a waste of money to get rid of something you have never even used, but then again if you haven’t worn it yet, chances are that you NEVER will, so why bother? And if it really is a cute item you can always sell it online and get most of your money back.

The Bad Fit

This is kind of self-explanatory. Don’t keep clothes around that do not fit you correctly! You won’t ever use it, instead it will just be laying around and making you feel guilty about not having begun that diet you promised yourself you would begin. So toss it! I have said this a hundred times before and I will say it again.¬†Always toss clothes that you don’t fell at least 90% hot and confident in.

The Blah’s

Those items that you don’t really love but you don’t quite hate them either, and you might use them, but probably not more than once every third month. Just toss them already. If you only use them once ever third month they are not worth it. Besides as I have mention a million and one time before; You should never keep clothes around that you are not sure that you really love and which you feel good in.


closet cleanse

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