Backless skater dress // White off-shoulder dress // Black slit front dress // Orange off-shoulder dress // Off-shoulder midi dress

In my world entering a new season is always a good excuses to do some shopping, and summer is more than anything my all time favourite season to shop for. There is just something  about shopping for cute summer dresses that beat the hell out of big sweaters. In my very extensive search for cute dresses for the coming summer I, as you can see above, also managed to find tons of amazing and cheap party dresses perfect for the warmer months, all from Rosegal.

I was only introduced to Rosegal quite recently, but have absolutely fallen in love with the site, and the fact that all their items are very budget appropriate only enables you to throw an extra item or two in the bag when scrolling through the many pages of clothing.

Besides the amazing and cheap party dresses, I am also really into all of Rosegal’s off-shoulder options, their bikinis, and lastly, their see-through tops.

Amongst their see-though tops I am especially into these two (here and here) bell sleeved ones, and this super pretty lace top.

Below here, I have collected a few of my favourite items from the site, and you can probably see that as I mentioned above, I am super into their off-shoulder items and their bikinis. I know I have mentioned this in so many posts before, but off-shoulder pieces are without a doubt one of the most polarising trends this season, and absolutely something that you need to have in your wardrobe this summer.

I am also really hung up with cut-out detailed bikinis at the moment, and both the black and the pale pink one below have definitely reserved a place at the very top of my summer wishlist.

wishlist Tropic bikini // Pink bikini // Black bikini // White blouse // Belted dress //  Floral embroidered top

Post done i collaborate with Rosegal.


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