Getting a roomie can be super tricky, especially if it’s not just a “share an apartment”-roomie, but an actual room-roomie. Often, you won’t get to choose your own roomie, and this does leave the option of getting a roomie who are the complete opposite of you. This is what happened to me, my roomie and I had absolutely nothing in common, yet I ended up being closer with her than anyone else at the school, and I had an overall amazing experience living with her.

Of course, it did take some bonding for us to become really close, and in this post you can find 7 thinks we did together to make this happen.

Decorate your room

When you share your room with somebody else, you of course also have to take their wishes for the decoration of the room into consideration.  My roomie and I spend so much time hanging up photos we had brought from home, buying fake candles (we weren’t allowed real ones), picking flowers, finding cute pillows, and moving our beds and desk around the room. This was not only a super bonding exercise, but also a good exercise on compromise.

Mutual love for food

Everybody loves food, and whether it’s bonding on your way down to buy an ice-cream, eating breakfast, or cooking a good healthy meal together, (I will admit that my roomie and I not once cooked anything remotely healthy), bonding over food is always a good idea. This doesn’t just go for the beginning of the year, but for the whole term. Are your mom are a master baker, or does the city you were brought up in have this special kind of candy? Bring some with you back when you have been home to visit and share it with your roomie.

Movie nights

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Movie nights are always a hit. When we first began the year, my roomie and I bonded by finding movies we both liked and then watching them together in bed with tons of snacks. Not only did this really help us bond, but it was so nice that we ended up making a rule of having a movie night once a week, every week. The whole year, we didn’t mis only single week, and it was literally the best thing we did for our roomie relationship.

Create weekly or monthly traditions

As mentioned, my roomie and I made it a tradition to have a movie night once a week, but I’m sure any other tradition would have worked too, and although our love for movies were pretty much one of the only things we had in common, you can always find a tradition that suits you and your roomie such as weekly workouts, dinning together the first sunday of the month, or literally anything else.

Create a bucket list

Create a bucket list of things you want to accomplish or try throughout the year. It might be a list of things you wanna do together, such as live vegan for a week, or watch every twilight movie in one night, however you can also  just make separate bucket lists. With separate bucket lists you might not get the experiences together throughout the year, but making the list together, and talking about things you would like to get out of the year is a great bonding experience.

Begin watching a series together

Find a series you would both like to watch and begin watching it togther. Either, you can both agree that you are NOT allowed to watch any episodes on your own, so that you really watch the series together, or you can just begin on the same series at the same time, that way you are sure you always have something to talk about.

Shower together

This might seem a little odd, but it’s actually a great way to bond. Usually you will have the showers lined up beside each other with these kind of “not a wall”-walls in between. This can be a little uncomfortable at first, especially if it is a mixed gendered hall, and it can therefore be a good idea to go shower with your roomie, in each your shower of course. My roomie and I would bring a speaker with us to the bathroom and play some loud music, so we could stand in each our shower and sing/scream the lyrics together.

roomie bonding

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