Today one of the most commonly accepted beauty norms being tall. Yet, we aren’t all born 6 feet tall and able to emulate girls such as Kendall, Bella and Naomi. Lucky there are ways to create the illusion of being taller than you really are. I have here collected 4 types of clothes which will help you appear taller.

heigh waisted Gingham trousers // Black skinnies // Dress // Shorts // Blue skinnies // Wide legged trousers // Denim skirt // Dungaree

Heigh Waisted

High waisted items makes it seem as if your legs are starting already at the waist, which of course creates the illusion that that you legs are much longer than what they really are. Using high waisted items to look taller usually works best with pants, be it wide legged pants, skinny jeans or anything in between, however, high waisted skirts, shorts or even dresses which emphasises the waist area will work too. Above I have collected a couple of items that would all work perfectly as a mean of appearing taller.

turtle neckJumper // Bodystocking // Cropped blouse // No-sleeve jumper // Cropped tie jumper


Turtlenecks works a bit as the high waisted trend, in that it creates the illusion that your chest area begins before it really does, which then makes you seem longer and taller. Even though the turtleneck detail is usually associated with winter, you can also find tons of cute summer appropriate turtleneck options.

v necksChunky knit // Floral dress // Sequin top // Black dress // Long sleeve shirt // Knitted dress


Complete opposite of the turtleneck we have the v-neck which can also be used to create the illusion of being taller than you really are. All v-necks will work, however, it usually are more preferable if the v-neck is wide enough to feature your collarbones.

pointy toe shoesViolet heels //Skinny flats // Palm print flats // Chelsea boots // Knot boots // Metal toe flat // Slip ons // Frill detail heels

Pointy Toe Shoes

The pointy toed shoe. be it flats, boots or hells, are great for making your legs seem longer, and thereby also you appear taller. Even though pointy shoes in any form will help you look taller, if you wanna give it a little extra nude shoes and tall boots will really really make your legs look miles long. When it comes to nude shoes it is best if they match you own skin tone, and when it comes to boots the taller the better. If over-the-knee boots are an option, then so be it.

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